The 25th most visited country in Europe. Might sound far from the top 10 list however many people aren’t aware of the tourism that flourish in Albania.

Albania is the home of several national parks and historical sites. Rich in both nature and history makes it an excellent journey for all types of people, young and old. Only a short sea distance between Albania and Italy, taking less than an hour by flight.

It’s the home of around 3250 species of plants making up around 30 % of Europes Flora!
Head to the national parks to explore and sight tons of amazing plants.

A beautiful place to visit while in Albania is the nature phenomenon Blue Eye which is a clear blue water spring with a depth of approximately 50 meters. Looks like a fantasy world taken from a fairy tale, with big sycamore and oak trees.

Up north of Albania you’d love to see the Valbonë Valley National Park. It’s an national park in the Albanian alps sorrounded by mountains, waterfalls and glacial springs. The preserved ecosystem within this national park is the climax of what they call Albanian Miracle of the Alps. One of the most interesting attractions regarding animal life, is the rare chamois, as well as the the extinct cat lynx.

Want a calmer adventure? Take a cruise on the Lake Koman, a bright turquoise river closed in by thick forrest hills. This river is nourished by the previous attraction - the Valbone lake in the Valbone Valley National Park.

It’s also the host of several medieval attractions such as the city Krujë where you’ll see tons of archeological sites due to its rich history, or visit the countries oldest inhabited city, Berat.
Berat - also known as The city of thousands of Windows. Berat was actually crowned as one of Europes most beautiful city! Don’t wanna miss that out!

Another historical city is Gjirokastër, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a well preserved Ottoman town that was built up by farmers of large estate. Due to it’s stone-made five store buildings, it is referred to as “The city of stone”.

Temperatures varies, and the country is engaged with four seasons throughout the year, making summers reaching above 20 celsius and winters can drop to 0 celcius.

PS: You might wanna know that the norm is not to shake the head for a NO and nod for a YES, you might wanna get used to the habit of noding for no and shaking for yes. Don’t want to get lost in those wonderful landscapes!

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