In all honesty, what is really impressive with Switzerland? Yes, the chocolate is amazing, but even more amazing is their outstanding nature. Let’s go through some of these astonishing destinations.

The Swiss Alps, the alpine region in Switzerland, mainly reaches within the country. However, the southern regions are shared with the alpines of France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. The location of Europes two largerst rivers - Rhones and Rhine - are located at the north side of the Swiss Alps. If you’re planning to see the river Rhine, don’t miss the chance to see Rhine Falls which is the most powerfull waterfall in Europe!

There’s a beautiful national park in these alpines that was the first national park established in Europe in 1914. Apart from Swiss National Park, there’s around 16 other nature parks to visit.

We have the alps largest glacier called Aletsch that is around 23 km long. Aletsch glacier and some of it’s neighbouring valleys are on the UNESCO World Heritage list, so there’s some restrictions on where you’ll be able to go. However, the area between Belalp, Riederalp and Bettmeralp gives you access to the lower section of the glacier. Accessable by cable car is the famous viewpoints Eggishorn and Bettmerhorn. If you’re into hiking, taking the bridge across Massa river allows you to continue a splending journey between the right and left parts of the glacier.

Want to experience life outside the city yet with the locals? Head to the Bernese Alps to the small village Grindelwald. A village with a population of 3800 people where you’ll get to gaze at the beauty of swiss nature along with a charmig touch of classic farms and lifestyle. You can interact with the animals and have a feel for the farm-life, which makes this place a great adventure for both adult and their little ones! More irresistable attractions in Grindelwald you may find here:

Another famous tourist destination in Switzerland, is a resort town called Interlaken. In the early 1800s, tourists came there for some fresh mountain air and some self-care. A wonderful place to see in this area would be Lake Brienz with it’s lovely turqoise lake with a mountain view. If you want to see some city-activity, have a walk in Höheweg along with the beautiful Aare river.

Switzerland has an astonishing nature, and it’s just one of the MUST-VISIT countries on your list.