Maldives is a country that are consisting of over 1200 of islands. It’s one of the most famous tourist resort today due to its mesmerizing shimmering turquoise sea shores and the white glowing beaches. The vacation photos nobody will believe are real. BUT it totally is!

It became a tourist destination in the 1970s when the first resort on Kurumba Island was built and then followed by a second resort on Bandos Island. Ever since, tourism has increased rapidly and bloom into a massive importance for the country.
Today, each Island is it’s own resort, so one hotel is for one whole Island. Also, most of the Islands for tourism is specifically for tourists where you’ll have access to coffee shops, restaurants, souvenir shops and everything you’d need. To get from one island to another, a water plane or boat would be the way to go.

Maldives climate is perfect for all water activities you don’t want to miss out on, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and water skiing. Not only does the climate makes it ideal for water activites, but the islands also house several beautiful coral reefs making it one of the worlds best places for snorkeling and scuba diving. Hulhumale has several snorkeling safaris.

If you’d prefer to interact with some locals and take in the culture, the capital Malé would be your place to visit. Even though the capital itself consist of a few other islands, the island Villingili that’s a only a short boat ride from the mainland of Malé, you’ll get the best of both worlds - the enchanting beach views and interaction with the locals.

Why not take your little ones on a submarine ride, 100 meters bellow surface to explore the White Tip Reef Shark, the intersting looking Napoleon fish, the cool striped lion fish or perhaps the yellow boxfish. An experience for the children they’d talk about for months!

Maldives might not be the place for someone who wants high rise buildings with shopping centers, but it’s a wonderful vacation spot for some time out of the hectic routines of the urban life.

And how could we forget! Maldives now have underwater cabins for your stay. Do you dare?