This country is also referred to as “Soumi” by it’s locals. It is neighbouring Sweden and Russia, which has a lot of history behind it.
Finland has a nature with a lot of forest, it comes with over 180 000 lakes! However, in the winter it can get so cold that a icebreaker (a type of boat also called fleet) have to break the ice into patches on the lake.
One of the most famous phenomenon in the world, is Norrsken. It's the beautiful blue-greenish light that appears in the night sky in the north. Finland is one of the best countries to witness this mesmerizing view.
Moreover, it has tons of fun and awesome activities for everyone.
If you’re a family with children, check out the Maritime Museum. It’s a museum with a ship-theme but also some findings of history. There’s a playroom for children and has gotten many awards for it’s trustworthiness and became the “Museum of the year 2016”!
There’s also a lovely garden named Arboretum Mustila, that was established as a test ground for exotic trees all the way back to 1902. It has a café as well for you to enjoy the wonderful spring or summer weather with a sip of tea or coffee. NOTE: It’s open at spring, summer and autumn.
We’d like to suggest something that will be an extraordinary experience for anyone, EVEN if you are not a fan of snow; and that is Helsinki Winter World.
What makes this attraction so special, you might think? Well, MAYBE it’s because you can go on a husky sled. MAYBE it’s because there’s tons of activities to enjoy. MAYBE it’s because the whole place is made of ICE!
Yes you read it, it’s all made of ice! Well, except the huskies, they’re adorable like always.
Believe it or not, but where you’ll sit and have a drink, the table and the seat is ice. The slide in the playground is ice. It’s a winterland you’ve only seen in dreams!
A fun and wonderful attraction for the whole family. Your children will thank you for letting them experiencing it.
Even though Finland sounds like a cold and blue country, it’s actually very green with a lot of forests. Your interests takes you where ever you want to go, simple as that. It’s a beautiful country to visit and maybe you’ll coincide with the Moomins.