Canada Immigration Visas 

Canada, like its aboriginal namesake suggests, is a meeting place, of peoples, beliefs, 

and ideas. Canada’s population is extremely diverse comprising of peoples from all over 

the globe who have learnt to work, play, and live together in peace. Canada is a land of freedom, 

where people are free to learn, to live, to grow. All religions and cultures are respected in 

Canada so visitors to this country need not fear any persecution. Canada is a land steeped in histories, 

the natural history of the land, the native history of the aboriginal people, and the many histories 

of the residents of Canada and their places of origin have crossed and overlapped to create a colorful 

set of circumstances that have allowed the country to flourish. Canada is also one of the leading countries 

in technological integration, and “green” or environmentally friendly infrastructure. Whether for business or pleasure, Canada promises to be a memorable and productive choice of destination. 


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